martes, 20 de marzo de 2012


When I think of street style, a few names come to my mind: Miranda Kerr, the Olsen twins, Nati Abascal, Sara Carbonero, Anna dello Russo... this names truly represent what street style is about: looking good at every single moment of the day. All of them always look stylish, but there's one woman that is beyond that. She used to look a bit tacky, but lately she's developed a style that has taken her from "fashion victim" to "fashion icon". Elegance, simplicity, chic... are adjectives that go perfectly with Victoria Beckham's style. She is exactly what I've been looking for as a fashion lover for a while. 

Her favourite item: tube dresses that embrace her amazing figure, mainly in dark colors.
Her favourite brand: Victoria Beckham Collection (she's the best ambassor of her own designs).
Her favourite accesory: Daffodile pumps by Christian Louboutin and of course... Baby Harper! (possibly the most stylish baby ever).

She looks very chic in this babydoll dress and a bag from her own collection. I love this look!

She looks very sophisticated in this dress from her own collection and the  Daffodile pumps by Louboutin.

This Roland Mourent number is easily one of the most stylish looks I've ever seen.

This Marc Jacobs outfit is very cool, and I find baby Harper adorable.

She looks incredible in this kind of babydoll dresses.

Don't you think her handbag is major?

I love this look, from head to toe. It's major!

This Prada outfit is incredibly glamourous!
How to look like Victoria Beckham?

1 - Try your best to look super-feminine, with tight tube dresses or skirts and very high heels.
2 - Never wear flat shoes, high heels make your legs look better, longer and thiner. They also make the way you walk more elegant.
3 - Carry big bags for the day and no bag for the night (not even a clutch).
4 - Only huge sunglasses are allowed. 
5 - Your make up must be soft and fresh in order not to look like a transvestite.
6 - Keep your outfits simple but taking certain risks.
7 - The attitude is VERY important: you have to be very feminine (not only LOOK feminine) and sophisticated. You need to be confident and powerfull as well.

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