lunes, 19 de marzo de 2012


Any woman who is attending a First Holy Communion has to make sure that she follows this step:

- Never look over dressed. This kind of ceremony has nothing to do with a wedding, so forget about hats, headpieces and excessive jewelry.
- Wear a church-appropriate dress. Remember that in church you need to show some respect, so don't even think about wearing a mini dress or a sexy neckline.
- Pants are allowed, but remember that a dress is always better for this occasions.

Here's a look that I would love to see on a First Holy Communion:

Victoria Beckham Navy Blue Dress (2200 €): this dress is just a major piece! I love the neckline, the fit and the colour. Very nice indeed. What do you think about it?

Jimmy Choo Zebra Print Sandals (1300 €): the most amazing shoes I've seen in a long time! Aren't they nice? And I think they go perfectly with the dress. I love them.

Bottega Veneta Classic Black Clutch (950): this kind of Bottega Veneta clutches will never go out of fashion, they've become a classic piece. For this look, I love the black version, made in one of the most amazing leathers that you can find out there.

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