sábado, 24 de marzo de 2012


Hi, guys! The past two days I wasn't able to post anything because I'm very busy at the moment revising for my make up exams, which I finish on Tuesday. Then I'll be able to start updating every day again.

I know it's not usual, but you migh be surprised getting an invite for a formal ball. On this occasions, there's a few golden rules you have to follow:

- Try to look better than anybody else. No matter who.
- Wear a long dress, a clutch bag and high heels. Flats, totes or mini-skirts are totally forbidden.
- The best thing to do is to wear a simple long dress with exaggerated accesories. You know I really hate minimalism, so I'll go for something bright.

Here's an example of what I would call a perfect formal ball outfit:

Alexander McQueen gown.
Alexander McQueen gown (1975 €): It's a very nice gown made in silk-crepe and draped all over the place. It's very elegant and fashionable, I adore the pink color!


Giuseppe Zanotti Embelished Shoes (1250 €): They are one of the most amazing items I've seen recently! Don't you just LOVE them? I think they are major and go perfectly with the dress.

A very nice clutch!
Christian Louboutin Clutch (839 €): Color-block has been a trend for a quite long time now, but I still love it. This clutch is very nice worn with the dress and the shoes together, it creates a very interesting contrast! I love the look, and I think you'll look amazing wearing something like this.

xxx Miguel Mateos xxx

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