viernes, 16 de marzo de 2012


The Italian manager for brand promotion at Fiat, Lapo Elkann, has been many times described as a "fashion icon". Despite this, he calls himself a "fashion maniac". For me, Lapo is someone who has developed a very interesting personal style, which is unique, original and fashionable. That's why I adore the way he dresses. I wouldn't call him a trend spotter, but a trend setter.

He's known for his colorful suits, hats, ties and shows... The blazer is his favourite item, we could call him a "blazer master". If you want to look like the amazing Lapo Elkann, follow this tips:

- Colorful and chunky clothes will be very important in your wardrobe, but make sure you wear them with simpler stuff, like jeans.

- Never say never. To get this kind of look, the wow factor is necessary, so you'll have to be brave.

Lappo wearing a not so classic suit.
- Mix different prints and colors, always taking care... You'll have to own a good fashion sense to make it look good, otherwise you'll feel like a clown.

This is certainly one of his best looks.

- Take the blazer as your everyday item of clothing. I love to do so, but you never get the chance to wear it every single day.

This suit is worn with so much style, but is risky because of the stripes.

- Mix casual and sporty garments with formal ones. This is very important in order to give your styling a bohemian vibe.
This is an incredible look! I love the slippers!
- The most unespected, the better. Take away all the boredom when you are dressing up, you need to have fun while doing it.

The sock color might be quite shocking, but the result is amazing.

- Accesories in a Lapo Elkann inspired look are also something you need to keep an eye on. Hats, square pockets, ties, bow ties, jewelry, briefcases and even socks (as we've seen before) are really important. The rapper-like tacky jewelry is completely forbbiden, go for something unusual but simple, like leather bracelets, religious themed pendants... That is so much better.

The way he dresses is just spectacular.

I hope this tips help you to get Lapo's look, or at least try it! Have fun!

xxx Miguel Mateos xxx

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  1. Mathiu cariño esos slippers son geniales, este hombre si que sabe, me gusta el post, sigue publicando! xo