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The Kid's Choice Awards were very poor style-wise, as we didn't see many great looks. With only a few exceptions, everyone look incredibly tacky and tasteless, so I'm going to have fun analysing and giving the Fashion Awards of the event.


Worst Dressed - Katy Perry in Gerlan Jeans.

OMG! I'm blind now!
Katy Perry was definetly the worst dressed of the event, she looked terrible. I don't like any single piece of the outfit: the top is horrible, the skirt is horrible and the shoes are horrible. Why would you wear something like this? It lacks style and class, I think it's vulgar and everything looks so cheap and bad quality.

Worst Styling - Jada-Pinkett Smith in Catherine Malandrino.

Ok, you look pretty gangsta, we get the idea.
Will Smith's wife showed us how to destroy a nice garment. Her jumpsuit was fantastic, but this is probably one of the worst stylings I've ever seen in my life. Everything from head to toe looks out of place. Her hairstyle is HORRIBLE, those nacklaces are screaming: TACKY!, I don't like how the denim jacket looks with the jumpsuit and I have no words for that wedges.

Worst Grooming - Ashley Tisdale in Kymerah.

Sorry, Ashley, but you look hideous.
Ashley Tisdale will never be an "it-girl" or a style icon, but this is the worst I've seen her look. First of all, I have to say that I dislike everything that she's wearing. The dress is awful and the accesories look like if they were taken out of a chineese store. But the worst thing about it is the tremendous quantity of fake tan that she's wearing, she looks like an orange! Her make up is not well applied and the hair is TERRIBLE.

Most Inappropiate - Isabelle Fuhrman in Jason Wu.

I can believe she's 13!
When I saw this girl I thought: finally someone looking a bit stylish! But when I read she's 13, I couldn't believe it. She looks very nice in her Jason Wu jumpsuit and her high heels, but I think is completely inappropiate for someone of her age, as it makes her look like almost 20. I'm definetly not a fan of dressing kids like old people.

Nice Dress, Horrible Shoes - Halston Sage in Hervé Léger.

You should have worn better shoes, Halston.
Halston Sage also destroyed a cute piece. Her Hervé Léger dress is nice and appropiate for someone so young and so pretty, but the shoes are hideous. I mean, everyone with eyes in the face knows that she could have done so much better, because that shoes are really awful. They ruin her look, she should have been more careful.

Forgiven but not Forgotten - Selena Gomez in Dolce&Gabbana.

She doesn't look good, sorry.
Selena Gomez is only 19, so she probably saw this Dolce&Gabbana ensemble on the runway and thought: OMG! It looks fantastic... on the model. And a lesson that Selena has to learn is that EVERYTHING looks fantastic on the runway models, so if you are not one of them, be careful. Her youth and great body shape save the look, but she's looked so much better on other events. I have to say that I like the skirt, but I'm not too keen on the top OR the shoes.


Best Dressed - Kristen Stewart in Erdem.

I like her outfit, it fits her style.
Kristen Stewart is a stylish girl and she looks very nice at every event she attends to. She chose an Erdem navy blue lace mini dress which looks incredibly good on her and a pair of Yves Saint Laurent shoes that I like a lot because of the matchy-matchy vibe they give to the outfit.The only thing that I have to point out as negative is the she is very bad posing on the red carpet, she really needs someone to teach her how to do it.

Best Couture - Emma Stone in Antonio Berardi Custom.

I love her romantic dress
Emma Stone always looks very appropiate and polished in the red carpet, and for the Kid's Choice Awards she opted for an Antonio Berardi Custom dress, that looks so romantic and nice. I specially like the way the skirt is made. The only reason why I didn't give her the Best Dressed award is the shoes. The shoes are COMPLETELY out of place. Why on Earth would you wear those almost ortopedic wedges with such a romantic dress. I don't get it.

Best Shoes - Victoria Justice in Elisabeth and James.

The Louboutin booties are much of my taste.
Victoria Justice wore a nice pink suit for the event, which I like a lot because it looks effortless. But the best thing about her outfit were the Louboutin booties that she was wearing.I LOVE the lace detail at the front that contrasts with the glitter. They are a good option to wear for this kind of event, and it's the first time we see anyone wearing them.

Best Black - Kelly Osbourne in Tony Ward.

Ozzy Osbourne's daughter is taking big steps.
Kelly Osbourne used to be an extremely tacky looking girl. Nowadays, she still looks tacky, but in the way that I like tackiness to be. She gives the most romantic dresses a rocker vibe that I'm a fan of and despite the critics, I love her hair. For this event, she chose a cute Tony Ward number with some Giuseppe Zanotti shoes that gave a bit of color to the look. I like the result.

Call me Tacky, but I like it - Heidi Klum in Victoria Beckham.

Yes, I love the boots.
Heidi Klum looked (in my opinion) fantastic wearing a Victoria Beckham white mini dress and Roland Mouret high boots. I love everything, from the dress to the boots, but I don't like the "I just went out of bed" hairstyle. The boots are fantastic, I love how they look with the dress. 

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