sábado, 21 de abril de 2012


Today is saturday and many of you will be thinking about what to wear to go out. I'm going to propose a look that would be fantastic in case you get invited to a private party in the city's most luxurious nightclub, so it will be a bit more over the top than usual. On this kind of party you need to look sexy: always short dress, high heels and clutch bag... Everything else is not allowed! And I have to say that it's the perfect occasion to wear baroque jewelry.

Versace dress (980 €)
Versace red silk-satin short tube dress with cape at the back: This dress is a major piece, if you get something like this, keep it as a treasure because satin is one of the highest quality fabrics and it will last forever, but it's delicate so you need to be a bit careful.

Dolce&Gabbana clutch (1200 €)
Dolce&Gabbana black crotchet clutch with baroque golden embelishments: This is one of the most fantastic clutches I've ever seen. I love the coins and other golden stuff that hangs from it, they give the piece a very Sicilian vibe which I adore.

Yves Saint Laurent shoes (780 €)
Yves Saint Laurent black leather "Tribute" pumps: I've always loved Yves Saint Laurent's shoes, because they are made with a lot of care, the materials are fantastic and they usually are sky-high heels, which you all know that I like a lot.

D&G necklace (400 €)
D&G golden coin necklace: Don't you think this piece of jewelry goes perfectly with the clutch and the rest of the outfit? I'm a big fan of this kind of jewelry!

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