jueves, 5 de abril de 2012


What do I wear for a day out shopping with friends? You know that I'm a fan of being very dressed up all the time, so if you are going shopping try a casual look giving it a formal twist. Skinny jeans have to be your best friend on this occations, and make sure you wear them in a size that fits you. I don't think any of you would like to look like a sausage roll. Carry a big or medium bag, if it's possible, a high quality one. Cheap bags and shoes are easier recognisable than cheap clothing. As Victoria Beckham would say: "I'd rather walk bare foot than wearing low quality shoes". Follow this tips and you'll succeed.

Topshop blouse (25 €)
Topshop white blouse with zippers on the shoulders: This garment is fantastic and very cheap, so go for it! I specially like the draping at the front and the zippers, which give a very modern twist.

Topshop jeans (43 €)
Topshop vintage-inspired washed skinny jeans: Here you have another nice and cheap piece. I love girls in skinny jeans, they usually give you an amazing figure and they'll never go out of fashion.

Rare coat (95 €)
Rare tye-die faux fur coat: You know that I'm a big fan of authentic fur, but on this occasion, I thought the coat was just major and went so well with the rest of the outfit. I like it a lot.

Casadei shoes (680 €)
Casadei color-block contrast sandals: I know this shoes may seem a bit over the top for this look, but I think you always have to include some nightwear in your day outfits, as it's unexpected. I LOVE this Casadei shoes, and I'm sure many of you will.

Louis Vuitton bag (550 €)
Louis Vuitton classic Speedy bag: This handbag is a timeless piece that will NEVER go out of fashion. It's one of the best bags you can carry for your day looks and I love girls who carry Louis Vuitton, because it makes them look powerful. It has been so many times copied, but never duplicated. Everyone with a bit of taste can easily disinguish between a real and a fake one.

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