martes, 3 de abril de 2012


Rappers are known for being usually tacky and tasteless, but in this case, things are different. Kanye West is one of the biggest trend-setters in men's fashion. He's got a great style, which is based on colorful and chunky pieces that we wouldn't usually wear, but on him they look fantastic. I'm such a fan of the way he mixes colors and patterns, I think it's marvelous. He is a total fashion victim, who attends both male and female Fashion Weeks and has started his own career as a womanswear designer. I also have to say that I love his music, he's a great and talented artist. Let's take a look at his best looks so far:
There you go: simple, stylish and tasteful... I adore this look!

He looks very classy and elegant in this wool coat plus I like the shades a lot.

The Bottega Veneta bag is truly something to die for!
I like the jacket and the styling... I don't like the shades on this occasion, although they're similar than the others.

This Miami Vice inspired look is much of my taste, and I like that he's not wearing a white bow-tie.
OMG! How stylish does he look here? I'm a fan.
He's taking a big risk by wearing that chain, but it actually doesn't look out of place.
This look is just perfect.

I'm liking that Louis Vuitton camouflage bag a lot!

Here we have a bunch of stylish men, including Karl Lagerfeld.

Someone's looking a bit stylish here!

I love the giant bow-tie, and the way fur is mixed with a tuxdedo.

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